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Set yourself a rude password at Lloyds TSB, and it is just possible that you might find it changed to something politer. Doubts surfaced even before the competition that as many as half the members of the six-strong team - who won China's first ever team gold medal at the Beijing Olympics last week - are far …. According to Mr Jetley, this was then changed by a member of staff to "no it …. We've got some rather shocking news this afternoon for those of you who've spent years believing you're Austrian, Belgian, Danish or Dutch - you're not. The regular readers among you will know we're a bit fond of stories relating to parents who slap their sprogs with ill-advised or downright perverse names, as evidenced by the cases of 4Real, Metallica,John Blake Cusack Version 2. The short-lived homage - quickly pulled - contained a heartwarming tribute from Bill Gates who described Jobs as the best inspirational leader he'd ever met, while the …. The musically-minded among you will be aware that we at El Reg have a soft spot for corporate anthems - especially those which provoke the desire to pull your teeth out with pliers.

Christopher Williams, 01 Sep

Wake up with the flyin’ Hawaiian, Natalie (31 Photos)

Bloomberg yesterday dispatched Apple supremo Steve Jobs to the hereafter with a page obit inadvertently published during an apparent update, Gawker reports. Jane Fae28 Aug Geek's Guide Let's go to Mars, dude: Last Sunday morning in Toronto there was a huge explosion at a propane storage depot which resulted in two deaths and 12, people being evacuated. Swiss TV's emergency power back-up was too puny to cope with demand - and many Swiss sports fans …. Drew Cullen, 25 Aug Avast there and unfurl the Twat-O-Tron ye scurvy landlubbers of Middle England, lest Portsmouth Historic Dockyard make barrel boys of ye all, damn their eyes:


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