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For a long time, I couldn't remember the last time I had gone a day without seeing the ocean, since my family didn't travel much unless we were going to a different part of the coast to see my relatives. Yeah, you can do all the things you did before but it's a considerable amount more effort to make it happen. It's an even greater shame just about every other fatass I've ever met also never thought of this. Do they have T-Rex arms or something? Some stand shoulder to shoulder against the walls or squat in the gaps between seating areas. Believe it or not, you can practice alone. Does the Queen wipe her own bum or does she have a flunky.?

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Sumo - one of those things that is always associated with the Japanese stereotype - but did you know that a lot of the recent Yokozuna's Grade 1 wrestlers are actually not Japanese at all??

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If need be, I'd just clean as best I can, pull up me pants, grab more toilet paper, walk to sink, soak them up, return to stall, and do a bit better cleaning. She - in common, it seems with most young Japanese people - didn't have the slightest interest in Sumo and didn't know anything about it, although it was her who told me about the wiping ass fact The six-foot-six, pound amateur sumo star stomps over to one side of the sumo ring in this Los Angeles hotel ballroom and rests his hands on his prodigious belly as if it were a card table. The waffle stomp isn't for everyone but it's a great strategy. How do really obese people wipe their butt?

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