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However, even with no possibility of procreation, the youth are taught that this sex is not in any way less carefree than adult sexuality and that bonds formed in youth are very important. Elves use sex as a psychologically healing force; in human terms, they do it out of mercy toward lonely souls. Elves have high ideal of monogamous relationships, but they don't hold it entirely sacred; they understand that friends have needs that sometimes absolutely have to be addressed, as long as everyone involved is aware of what is happening. Elven sexuality is frequently thought to be a complex matter for humans to understand, but the issues have greatly been exaggerated. Humans often hear about strange tales about the virility of elven males, but these are slightly exaggerated. In elven mindset, sex is three forces: It's a fairly common compliment among elven couples.

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However, this may not always be needed, because the psychological effects oftentimes extend to other species - the process how this works is quite mysterious as of yet.

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Elven sexuality

Before attaining true maturity, the youth are usually encouraged to make friends with members of opposite sex and experiment with their sexuality. The widespread use of lovestones makes studying this somewhat difficult. To elves, sex is a binding force and a form of showing respect and kindness. They either have to cope with it based on social learning, but they may have hard time socialising: It's a fairly common compliment among elven couples. Elves who forgets having had sex with another can feel very embarrassed about it; usually, they would have, at very least, some sort of nagging warm fuzzy feeling that the other elf is somehow familiar to them.

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