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Like, really, really awesome. At her touch, Robin shivered. A lot of reviews and I'll repost! He pulled himself out of her and he looked at her. Robin and Beast Boy are feeling so damn horny, they just finished watching a hot porn movie with a slutty redhead babe getting gangbanged and they want to play it out. She'd just come even with Robin when Cyborg announced, with a waggle of his eyebrow, "It said she'd asked you about it.

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It had been a great relationship but for the past couple of days they haven't had any time for each other and Robin had been locking himself in his room.

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Robin And Starfire Having Sex Cartoon

Or maybe it was another cultural thing… maybe the girls weren't supposed to ask. Well, he wouldn't mind that at all, at least, that's what he thought. He got back up and jumped on her. Or maybe a leaf from Bruce Wayne's dating guide and seduce the hell out of her. They rested and began again an hour later.

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robin and starfire having sex
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