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So good, Sora…" He slammed into her again and again, and she had to fight to catch her breath. The chair jerked against the floor when the shakes became too powerful, but it went ignored by both teens. The gesture aroused Kairi, a moan escaping her parted lips. Sora glanced up at Kairi as he flicked his tongue back and forth quickly over her clitoris, their eyes meeting. His erection poked through his jeans and against hers. Kairi only gripped his shoulders, watching the bliss sweep over his features. Kairi could tell he wanted nothing more than for the barriers to be gone.

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A hiss immediately left Sora's lips.

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Sora and kairi porn

Soon he inserted a third, stretching her so she could accommodate his size later on. He kissed her tone stomach. He lifted one hand to the back of his partner's neck, the other resting on her bare side as he pulled her in. Sora kept up with the motion, his hot breath descending upon her sacred area as his tongue flicked back and forth. Kairi's fingers coursed through Sora's hair. Sora's eyes grew fiery, suddenly ablaze with lust. It should be up soon ish if you want to take a look.

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images of sora and kairi having sex
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